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During the month of May we will be closed on Thursday 5th, Firday 6th and Monday 16th. Our log yard will be closed for all deliveries.

During the period of the year-end, we will be closed for holiday vacation from December 24th at 12.00 am till Sunday January 4th. Our log yard will be closed for all deliveries from Friday December 19th at 04,00 pm till Monday January 5th at 06.00 am.

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Wie would like to inform you that Lefibo will be closed from 10 to 15 November for all deliveries of raw materials. Thanks for your comprehension.

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Lefibo will be closed :

·            May : Thursday 29 and Friday 30 (Assumption)

·            June : Monday 9 (Monday of Pentecost)

·            August : Friday 15 (Assumption)

Summer holidays from Monday 21 July till Monday 11 August.
Deliveries of raw materials and loads of sawn timber still possible till Friday 18 July at 12.00 am.
The log yard will be open again a... Lees meer

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